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The Art of Saying No: Gracefully Turn Down a Freelance Writing Gig

Mounting unanswered emails. Four pending articles, three topic proposals, a client meeting at four o’clock in a virtual NYC office you’ve booked days before. In short, it’s Drowning in Freelance Writing Work, part XX: a familiar situation for many freelance writers. Then, you receive a new email from a familiar


Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are the Next Big Thing

Diamonds have always been said to be a girl’s best friend. They are wonderfully created by nature and are said to last a lifetime. Diamonds, however, are expensive. Mining operations around the world have also been continuously questioned because of unsustainable mining practices and poor treatment of miners. When news

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Marriages in Utah: Happily Ever After?

In this society, the words “’Til death do us part” and “happily ever after” seem like something that only happens in fairy tales — but not in Utah. Utah couples tend to stay together, and Utahns are some of the happiest people in the nation. Maybe this sense of happiness

Produce Confident and Skillful Horses

There’s more to training a horse than beating it to submission and breaking its will. You get better results by working toward building a relationship based on trust instead of one built on fear and resentment. The first step in producing a well-behaved and skillful mare is getting the best

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Must-Have Items in a Woman’s Closet

The fashion world is the most evolving industry in the world, thanks to the nature of the business. Whatever was fashionable about five years is irrelevant today. However, there are fashion items that have lingered on through the changes. It is therefore essential to have at least one of these