Four Things People with Disabilities Wish You Knew

Despite our best intentions, many of us still have misconceptions about people with disabilities. Sometimes, we express empathy and eagerness to help when it's not warranted. Sometimes, we take advantage of their condition, which we should never do. If you have a friend who is disabled or you happen to encounter a handicapped individual, here …

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Anorexia: the Silent Killer

Skinny girl afraid of eating and too concerned for her body

Anorexia Nervosa is not only an eating disorder; it is a severe mental condition. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of all the mental illnesses, but only 33 percent of those afflicted get any form of treatment. Serious Damage to the Body 5-20 percent of all individuals suffering from anorexia will succumb to complications brought …

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Types of Products for Beard Care

Man combing his beard

Beards are currently all the rage in the men’s fashion world. Growing one needs effort, and you should thus take all the steps to take care of it and style it to look good. In a mostly clean-cut world, beards are a symbol of rebellion that will set you apart from the average Joe. Moreover, …

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All About Air Pollution

woman wearing mask in the city with many cars

Due to the developments in technology and machinery, the air we breathe is affected negatively. With the advances in industrial equipment and transportation vehicles, air pollution increasingly happens. Air pollution is something harmful that is released to the environment. It includes smoke, nitrogen, and oxides. According to the World Health Organization, about 7 million people …

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Pica: Not All Eating Disorders Involve Actual Food

man eating in front of the fridge

It’s fairly normal for some individuals to sometimes crave odd foods, but surely not dirt, hair, rubber gloves. These bizarre, non-food cravings are just some of the weird items that individuals who suffer from Pica crave. Pica is basically an eating disorder characterized by the strong desire to eat strange non-food stuff for at least …

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