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Understanding Concrete Its Uses

men laying down the concrete

If you need an excellent job all the time, you can find a reliable provider of concrete repair in Salt Lake City and nearby locations. This guide will help you learn about concrete and its uses. Understanding Concrete Basics You may be using the terms cement and concrete often interchangeably. In fact, cement is just part of concrete. …

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The Aesthetic Appeal of Fences

gates into the courtyard, Gate view from the street, Forged gates

Architectural elements are components that should have a specific purpose that complements the overall design of a property. Gates and fences, for instance, are elements that are often a design afterthought. It should be integrated into the structure’s aesthetics, as it serves an important part. Security is a priority for every homeowner, and that is …

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Get the Feel: A Straightforward Guide to Adding Texture in Your Home Design

modern living room interior

One of the subtle elements of good interior design is texture. It’s so subtle that homeowners decorating the space almost always overlook it, but at the same time, it makes a lingering impact on the aesthetics of a room when it’s done right.  What’s Texture, Anyway? Everything in your home has texture. The sofa feels …

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Techniques of Abrasive Blasting

man sandblasting a beam

Surface preparation is an essential step before the application of any form of protective coating. While several methods of surface preparation, the most commonly used remains abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting is at times called sandblasting since sand is the conventional media used for this surface preparation technique. The technique nonetheless uses different materials, including glass …

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Hotel vs. Pests: Combating and Preventing Infestations

clean hotel bedroom

The hospitality industry continues to be lucrative. According to Inside Business, the tourism sector of Virginia Beach, Virginia, supports almost 14,000 hospitality jobs. A whopping $2.45 billion worth of revenue enabled Virginia Beach to set records in 2017. If you own a hospitality establishment, such as a hotel, inn or resort, you’re aware of the …

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